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What language should I learn next?

MessagePublié: 24 Octobre 2017, 10:36
par JoeClark
Hello all,

I'm studying international business, and I'm currently finishing up my German and thinking about what language I want to start on next. I figure another year and I'll be fluent in German. What language should I learn next? I'm wanting to know from the perspective of what language will likely land me the best job.

I have some limited experience with French and Russian, so those two might be worth considering just because they're relatively easy and I already have a head start. But I'm thinking that Chinese or Japanese would be useful to me. I'm really leaning towards Chinese. I know it's hard, but I think it will put me on a higher level. It seems the international business scene is pretty much dominated by English, German, and Chinese, so I would have the trifecta, in addition to being a native American English speaker.


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Re: What language should I learn next?

MessagePublié: 16 Janvier 2018, 14:29
par NeM
It's maybe not the right place (a French board about Japanese xD ) to ask this kind of question xD .